DRMC Work Permit released at ONS

August 24, 2014 ONS

DRMC Work Permit is a permit management and cooperation software tool for safer and more efficient operations.

Please visit us at K-197 at ONS 2014 in Stavanger to get a live presentation, or contact us for more information.

DRMC Work Permit has the following main functionalities:

  • Easy to use web based form to apply for a Work Permit
  • Automatic guidance and immediate checks to make sure the application is filled in correctly
  • Visual overview for the management of all planned and active work
  • Automatic smart agents make sure that applications follow the company management system and regulations for certain types of work.
  • Automatic smart agents continuously search the planned and active operations, and give warnings if there is a conflict between simultaneous operations
  • Tracking of historical data and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Picture by Guru Media