Every year we travel with the staff. This strengthens
the group and creates a lot of fun!

Family activities

Every year, OTG arranges “family day” at Kongeparken, Ålgård, with barbecues and fun and games and free use of the park’s attractions.

Veteranbåten ”MK Idsal”

As one of the sponsors of Idsal we get a trip out at sea each summer. Seafood, beer & wine and we anchor in a suitable place for dining.
  • 2007: Flor & Fjære
  • 2008: Hotell Fjordbris
  • 2009: Landligge for MK Idsal
  • 2010: Galleri Blaa Vassøy
  • 2011: Østhusvik, Rennesøy
  • 2012: Restaurering av Idsal
  • 2013: Usken
  • 2014: Lindøy

Emirates Stadium – London

OTGs employees have what the British royal family is missing: 2 top class seats at the Emirates Stadium (Arsenal) where one can frolic throughout the year on all Arsenal’s home games (both league matches, cup, testimonials and Champions League). This is a unique offering that most envy us!

Winter/Christmas happenings

  • 2006: Travel to London (Arsenal, musical, etc.)
  • 2007: Christmas party at Utstein Kloster
  • 2008: Travel to Iceland
  • 2008: Christmas party for the kids
  • 2009: Ski travel to Bad Gastein, Austria
  • 2010: Travel to Riga, Latvia
  • 2011: Spring travel to Lucca, Italia
  • 2012: Spring travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2013: Spring travel to Barcelona, Spain
  • 2014: Ski travel to a ski-resort, Innsbruck