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Red Zone Studies


  • Detailed review of all planned drilling and well operations, involving personnel from Company and drilling contractor
  • The method is rig specific and based on Authority requirements and OLF 081 ”Anbefalte retningslinjer for fjernoperert rørhåndtering”

The review includes

  • Information handling
  • offshore survey
  • HAZID meetings with risk classification and development of maps for all operations identified as ”red zone”

Client references

  • OTG Red Zone method has been implemented as ”best practice” by both Statoil and Dolphin

DRMC Red Zone (software support)

  • OTG have developed a ”Red zone” software/application for easy information sharing/communication, follow-up and thorough quality assurance

GAP Studies

Multidiscipline teams

  • Verification of design against regulatory requirements
  • Identify potential deviations and GAP’s
  • Cost/benefit evaluations
  • Recommend corrective actions using OTG developed software for information sharing/communication, follow-up and quality assurance.

Client references

  • Detailed GAP studies for 10+ COPSAS installations including drilling platforms, production platforms and accommodation platforms (Ekofisk/Eldfisk)
  • GAP studies for semisubmersible drilling units

Barrier Studies


  • Definition of barrier functions
  • Mapping of barrier components by use of the bow-tie philosophy, and according to the NPD MTO barrier definition
  • Identification of system/equipment ”weak links”, intended use, known misuse are important tasks during a barrier study process
  • Barrier classfiication, performance and  robustness are evaluated  by use of HAZID reviews
  • Barrier studies can be performed on various systems  e.g. safety systems, lifting equipment , processes, drilling equipment etc

Drilling & Well Project Services

Project support

  • Planning of operations
  • Preparations of drilling programs
  • Verification of planned drilling operations
  • Well planning, management and reporting
  • Management Drilling/Rig projects and upgrades
  • Red zone/Safe rig projects, fixed inst./MODUs
  • Barrier studies (drilling areas)
  • Operational web applications
  • Verification of procedures and offshore practice
  • Verification of planned well and completion operations
  • GAP studies and Risk analysis (HAZID)
  • Inspections and 3rd party quality verifications

Concept Development, Design & Implementations

The combination of employees with long experience from key disciplines in the petroleum industry, and skilled and experienced engineers, makes OTG a preferred partner in many development projects.  We assist in developing concept descriptions, functional requirements and specifications for equipment designed for the petroleum industry.


Multidicipline Projects

We may provide multidiscipline team to perform:

  • Multidiscipline design reviews of topside facilities
  • In depth reviews of safety & automation systems
  • Offshore surveys
  • FEL studies
  • Engineering studies
  • Party reviews
  • GAP analyses and management of GAP by use of the DRMC software.

Technical Work Environment

We prepare and develop

  • Work environment programs and plans for the projects,
  • Work environment design reviews
  • Work Environment Area Charts.


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