We provide services, competence and products
to the global petroleum industry.

Inspection Services

  • QA/QC certified inspectors, drilling & well engineers
  • Inspection of drilling and well equipment onshore and offshore
  • Follow-up of service companies and equipment suppliers

Offshore Verifications

We provide Offshore verifications according to your specific needs.

Effective verification activities provides assurance to both the Operator and regulatory authorities, that the Operator has the means to prevent, control, or mitigate against, the effects of accident hazards and poor quality processes.

Typical verification activities: HSE related, technical, operational processes and procedures, systems, maintenance, performance, emergency preparedness exercises and training.

Dynamic simulations

In cooperation with Agito we offer dynamic simulations services for  component and system design verification and optimization, by use of the state of the art software SimulationX  provided by ITI GmbH.

Dynamic Simulations are used up front and during a risk assessment process to enhance the quality of the analysis on complex systems.


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